WINGS Curriculum - The Ideal Curriculum for Children in Preschool
WINGS is an acronym for: 
Wonder Interests Needs Goals Skills
WINGS: The Ideal Curriculum for Children in Preschool is an active and interactive learning system for effectively organizing and implementing developmentally and culturally appropriate practices based on the interests, needs and skill levels of children from infancy to age 5.
The Story of the Bumblebee  
Honey, the WINGS mascot!
It was "known" for many years that the bumblebee couldn't fly. It had been mathematically "proven" by scientists that its wings were too small and its body was too large. According to the laws of physics and aerodynamics, it was impossible for the bumblebee to fly.
One problem emerged refuting this scientific proof -- the bumblebee was indisputably flying! Fortunately, no one had told the bumblebee that it was doing the impossible; therefore, it just kept on flying! Years later, around the mid 1970s, scientists announced that they had proven that the bumblebee could fly after all.
Thank goodness we didn't tell the bumblebee. Had it known that it was impossible for it to fly, it might have never tried. If it had never tried, the experts would have been proven right!
The WINGS Curriculum Philosophy
 While motivational speakers, coaches, and mentors often reference “The Story of the Bumblebee” to encourage adults to do what seems to be the impossible, WINGS places the story at its core to constantly remind early childhood educators that EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN. It’s the job of the teachers to mix the right ingredients to encourage learning to happen. Ergo, teachers help children to take flight.