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WINGS Curriculum 8th Anniversary Sale

WINGS: The Ideal Curriculum for Children in Preschool debuted in July 2009. We are so excited to celebrate our 8th Anniversary, this month! 
As early educators are preparing for the 2017-2018 School Year, let’s celebrate with a sale! Enjoy $80 off orders $500 or more through July 31, 2017! Just shop WINGS Curriculum online store and enter coupon code WINGS8thBday at checkout.

This is a great time for programs new to WINGS to purchase WINGS Curriculum Complete Classrooms.
Current WINGS customers who want to enjoy our latest and greatest monthly lesson plan ideas and parent newsletters can order WINGS Curriculum Lesson Plan Supplements for School Year 2017-2018.

Please contact us should you have any questions or to simply give us your feedback. We are available to serve you by phone at 678-632-4085 or via email.
We love to spread our WINGS! Children NEED WINGS!

School Year 2017-2018 Curriculum: Ready to Order

It’s that time again—time to prepare for a new school year! As always, we are excited to introduce program upgrades! Every year, individuals and programs should set new goals, right? Well, our latest goals are to:

  • Increase the rigor and progression of activities, especially for preschoolers/pre-k. As academic requirements in grade school continue to become more rigorous, it’s necessary for preschool curriculum to adapt to further support early learning and school readiness.

  • Keep WINGS Curriculum affordable for ALL types of early education programs. There will be NO price increases! We are offering improved lesson plans at the same low price.
As you may already know, we intentionally avoid changing our themes, studies and character traits every year, to enable early educators to gradually plan activities more effectively. Themes, studies, and character traits are incentives for learning the academic content. The more comfortable teachers become with the topics of study, the better they can implement high-quality activities.
To enjoy monthly lesson plans and parent newsletters for the upcoming school year, please purchase our SY 2017-2018 WINGS Curriculum Lesson Plan Supplement. To purchase the full curriculum for classrooms, complete with teaching manuals, forms, charts, and posters, please purchase our WINGS Curriculum Complete Classroom.

It is our hopes that early learning programs are excited about School Year 2017-2018!
REMEMBER: You and your friends can now enjoy $25 off purchases of $250 or more—every time you purchase! Use coupon code WINGSrocks4us at checkout, to enjoy this special offer on WINGS Curriculum Classroom Products.
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Back by Popular Demand: Month-to-Month Lesson Plan Purchasing

Thanks to your feedback, it is our pleasure to bring back monthly lesson plan purchasing! We recognize the status of the economy and that budgets vary by program; plus, we never want to forget about our awesome ‘mom and pop’ businesses!

Visit our store and purchase the WINGS Curriculum Lesson Plan Supplement (One Month)at the whopping low price of $29.95!

The WINGS Curriculum Lesson Plan Supplement includes the following products for each month you select during purchase:
  • Lesson Plan Ideas with individualized, group, exploration, and outdoor play activities (choose from infants, toddlers, preschoolers/pre-k, and family/group child care)
  • Parent Buzz Newsletter
We really do strive to please our customers! Thank you to the family/group child care owners and early learning program administrators who shared feedback and needs! We appreciate your honesty and support!

We love to spread our WINGS!

Upcoming WINGS Workshops for ECE Staff

Thank you, Atlanta School of Excellence, Richmond Hill Montessori Preschool, and Albany State University Early Learning Center for partnering with us to offer professional development opportunities for early educators! We appreciate your continued commitment and support!

Check out our upcoming training sessions for this summer! 

We'd love to conduct a WINGS Curriculum Professional Development Day in your area! All we need is an invite! Give us a call at 678-632-4085 or send an email to

We love to spread our WINGS!

WINGS Train-the-Trainer Workshop: Seeking New Trainers for SY 2016-17

The WINGS Curriculum Professional Development Team (PDT) is seeking experienced early childhood trainers and consultants to support preschools around the nation in effectively implementing WINGS: The Ideal Curriculum for Children in Preschool! ž

Our primary goal for School-year 2016 is to begin offering monthly-quarterly training opportunities in, at least, the top 10 states implementing WINGS Curriculum!

WINGS Top 10

  1. Georgia
  2. Colorado
  3. Texas
  4. California
  5. Ohio
  6. Alabama
  7. Louisiana
  8. Arizona
  9. Indiana
  10. Illinois

90% of the early learning programs that have adopted WINGS as their primary curriculum are accredited by their state (QRIS), NAFCC, and/or NAEYC!

The WINGS Curriculum Train-the-Trainer Workshop prepares early education trainers, consultants, administrators, and college faculty to facilitate training, instruction, technical assistance, and consulting on best practices for implementing WINGS Curriculum.

Remember, registration and payment must be received by June 7th!

We love to spread our WINGS!