WINGS Curriculum - The Ideal Curriculum for Children in Preschool

Mobile App

We invite parents and early educators to download the WINGS Curriculum App. It's FREE and meets preferences outlined in the latest research on best apps for schools!

According to “Best Apps for Schools: What Do Teachers Want”, preferences include:
  • Open-ended Apps
  • Apps which Support Group Work
  • Apps with No Hidden Costs
  • Apps with Guidance and Suggested Activities of Use

The WINGS Curriculum App is a web application that connects home and school with activities for classroom/teacher use, student engagement, and parent support. It’s open-ended! The featured stories, books, songs, websites and online games are based on guidance and suggested activities outlined in the WINGS Curriculum Lesson Plan Supplement. Children can listen, read, work, play, and sing along individually or in groups.

Why did WINGS Curriculum choose the web application format? Because, there is no request or requirement for access to your personal information. You have total privacy and no worries, when accessing the WINGS Curriculum Mobile App. We will never ask for access to your location, contacts, pictures or other features, like in the App Store, Google Play...
The cost? The app and all of its features are FREE! When users prefer to download full versions of copyrighted materials (songs, books, etc.), purchase may be required by the individual author, artist, developer, or publisher. These fees are not charged or received by WINGS Curriculum, LLC.

Early Educators
The WINGS Curriculum Mobile App enables programs implementing WINGS Curriculum to access Spread MyWINGS - the WINGS Curriculum Online Resource Center, along with other important curricular features and resources, from any smart phone or mobile device.

The WINGS Curriculum Mobile App enables parents to access stories, books, songs, online games, and resources to support learning and development for young children - from infancy through age 5. The featured educational tools are aligned with WINGS Curriculum Foundations for Monthly Lessons connecting WINGS at home and school!

Early learning programs can support parents in downloading and operating the WINGS Curriculum App by sharing WINGS Curriculum App cards...
  • Upon enrollment
  • During Parent Orientation/Open House
  • During parent conferences
  • At on-site events
  • On the program’s website
  • On the program’s social media pages
  • In the program’s newsletter
  • In each classroom’s newsletter
  • On parent bulletin boards
  • Via WINGS Curriculum Parent Buzz monthly newsletters…
We invite early educators and parents to send your favorite ideas, websites, and resources to support early learning to us at Who knows… We may feature your suggestion(s) on the WINGS Curriculum App for educators and families around the world to enjoy!

We love to spread our WINGS!